3D-ms-fl (Multi-scale, Florentine cutaway)

3D-ms-fl (Multi-scale, Florentine cutaway)

Model 3

The latest steel-string model

I’ve always wanted to make a more classic fingerstyle guitar. The 3DM is more traditional in shape and in voice, with it’s 16″ body and its soundhole topside. A slightly deeper body retains the fuller sound of the 4 size and the percussiveness of the 2GS. A single smaller port on the upper shoulder keeps the player in the loop. The arm rest is a little different as well – it is cut directly into the corner of the lower bout without purfling casements. The typical armrest is normally supported under the top by a block that follows the armrest shape ostensibly narrowing the tops width by almost an inch. The Platform rim is wide enough to allow the thinner “bevelini” armrest to be cut in through the binding , but without the support block.

-- Allan Beardsell


Beardsell guitars come in several body shapes and styles: large, medium, and small bodied steel-string acoustic, solid-body electric, semi-acoustic arch top electric, nylon string, manouche-style, and harp guitar (we even make a pretty sweet mandolin and a killer electric banjo).

Get an eyeful of the photos in the various galleries strewn throughout the site. See something you like that's almost-but-not-quite what you're looking for? Feel free to order "off the menu," as many already have. Truth be told, we've created many "hybrid" instruments over the years, with most features available on one model transferrable (within reason) to just about anything else (like an archtop-style custom brass tailpiece on a steel-string flattop, or a multi-scale classical guitar, or a cutaway banjolectric, or... well, you get the idea).

Venetian or Florentine cutaways, unconventional fingerboard extensions, wacky amplification solutions, sideports (with or without sliding covers), whimsical logo styles, personalized inlays, motorized, remote-controlled attachments of dubious form and function... it's all to play for. Whatever you have in mind, Al will be happy to discuss various options and possibilities with you.