It's movie night, baby

From a peek inside the inner workings of our humble workshop (smell the sawdust!), to a melodious audio-visual amuse-bouche featuring some of the gratifying creative genius of actual Beardsell players/owners, running the gamut of musical style and inspiration, it's all here on Beardsell TV...


Look Inside

Ivan Hughes is a talented filmmaker and good friend of Beardsell Guitars. Here we get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of life in the bandsaw-cave.


Sleeping Giant Dreams of Flight

Art Turner is the dude who does our photography and web design. He's also a fingerstyle guitarist who's been featured in Guitar Player magazine, no less. If you listen to CBC Radio, chances are you've heard a bunch of his original tunes. Even in this gentle wee number -- featuring the first-ever long-scale Beardsell acoustic -- you can see why he's not allowed to play any of our guitars unless he leaves a damage deposit.

Henry and the Harpy

The inimitable Henry Kaiser gets weird on a brand-new Beardsell Harp Guitar -- with no practice whatsoever. We just put the thing in his hands and started filming (or rather Ivan did, as this is another one of his lovely videos).


Master guitarist Greg Lowe takes a quick spin on a new Beardsell 12-string Model 7 electric, right here in the Beardsell workshop.