Big Al

El Jefe

Allan Beardsell has been tinkering with guitars since childhood, building since 1996. After several years of repairing guitars and pickups, he spent time under the tutelage of Sergei deJonge and Philip Davis, and has been creating his own brand of axes ever since. 

But here's something many folks don't know: Al brings years of experience as the head of guitar repair at Songbird Music in Toronto in the ’90′s. In the past 10 years he has worked solely as a builder, only repairing instruments for a handful of Winnipeg musicians – including Greg Lowe, John Samson and Stephen Carroll of the Weakerthans, Cara Luft and Del Barber. Now he is offering repair services to the general public.

Repairs are by appointment only. To make an appointment or to discuss an estimate, call the shop at 204-772-5780 or email

Roger Dodger

Plucky Upstart

As the son of a respected local producer and sideman (and half of the supremely talented duo Roger Roger) Lucas Roger (a.k.a. The Friendly Giant, a.k.a. The Towering Intern-o) comes by his musical passion honestly. Since he was knee high to a... well, truth be told he hasn't been knee-high to much of anything for quite some time. Let's just say since he started having to duck under low-slung doorframes, Lucas has been playing guitars, fixin' cars, and playing in bars with the abandon of a young man on a mission. He's worked with several local guitarmakers, and is currently working on his own models. Did we mention he's the grandson of one of Manitoba's most legendary wood-carvers as well? Bottom line: dude is tall, he's heard the call, and, under the careful supervision and tutelage of Mr. Beardsell, he's ready and willing to fix axe for y'all. (Just give him a call.)