17" Arch-Top guitar


A 17" archtop jazz guitar.  The hand-carved spruce top and flamed maple back are supported by the laminated Platform rim, handcrafted wood and metal hardware, carbon-fibre reenforced neck. Together,  these elements combine comfort and projection, sustain and resonance. 











The Model 7A with 17" spruce arched top, quilt maple back & sides. Hand-carved art-deco ebony tailpiece and custom ebony bridge individual brass saddles for other-worldly intonation action.


Beardsell guitars come in several body shapes and styles: large, medium, and small bodied steel-string acoustic, solid-body electric, semi-acoustic arch top electric, nylon string, manouche-style, and harp guitar (we even make a pretty sweet mandolin and a killer electric banjo).

Get an eyeful of the photos in the various galleries strewn throughout the site. See something you like that's almost-but-not-quite what you're looking for? Feel free to order "off the menu," as many already have. Truth be told, we've created many "hybrid" instruments over the years, with most features available on one model transferrable (within reason) to just about anything else (like an archtop-style custom brass tailpiece on a steel-string flattop, or a multi-scale classical guitar, or a cutaway banjolectric, or... well, you get the idea).

Venetian or Florentine cutaways, unconventional fingerboard extensions, wacky amplification solutions, sideports (with or without sliding covers), whimsical logo styles, personalized inlays, motorized, remote-controlled attachments of dubious form and function... it's all to play for. Whatever you have in mind, Al will be happy to discuss various options and possibilities with you.